A Brief History of Sandhill Bible Church

Sandhill Bible Church is much like many of its predecessors in the long line of Bible-believing assemblies that have sought to pattern their belief and practice after Biblical norms alone. Also, like many of these churches, it is the product of a Divine movement in history, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that touched individual lives and called them together as a New Testament assembly.

In the early 1970's, God began to move in a mighty way in the small university town of Auburn, Alabama. Students, professionals, and common laborers were swept along as if by a miraculous impulse into the vortex of a veritable move of God. The lost were converted, the sick were healed, and many received that second experience with Christ known as the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit." Thus, a Divine visitation is the underlying reason for Sandhill Bible Church's existence.

After various shifts and turns, the assembly began to consolidate as a single group of believers intent on preparing for the imminent return of Jesus Christ and the signal events that will accompany His coming. This church was born of revival, and it continues to the present due to the grace and undergirding hand of God.

No central human personage has been the attractive feature of this local assembly. At all times, Jesus Christ has been set forth as the foundation and Cornerstone of the assembly. Consequently, all measurements of what constitutes a purely Christian life of everyday discipleship have been carefully drawn from the New Testament. We like to think of ourselves as a Bible church, not as a mere religious monicker, but as a description of what we earnestly seek to be. Members have been drawn here by the Holy Spirit from various walks of life and different parts of the country.

Since our doctrinal position adheres to such truths as nonresistance, nonparticipation in the military, and an apolitical outlook concerning Christian social involvement, the church's overall contour in many respects resembles conservative Anabaptist churches. On the other hand, elements of the pentecostal revival may also be found in the assembly, such as the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Because the church seeks to fit no pre-existing, man-made, denominational mold, it seemingly defies description in terms of mainline religious classifications. This is not due to a desire for "difference for difference's sake", nor due to any attempt to pridefully court distinction. It is simply the result of a sincere, heartfelt attempt to walk in the commonly discounted paths of primitive Christianity. If a doctrine or practice is in the Bible, we seek to understand and apply it, believing that only a Biblical Christianity is an authentic one.

We invite you to join in this ongoing movement of the Holy Spirit as a remnant in Auburn, Alabama seeks to ask for and walk in the old paths, wherein is the good way (Jeremiah 6:16).